RateMyFaceADULT.com is now….. RateMyFaceXXX.com

October 23, 2010 at 7:45 am

What happened to RateMyFaceADULT.com? RateMyFaceADULT.com has been relaunched as RateMyFaceXXX.com!  Not only do we have a new name and a new design but we have added a ton of new features including:


GEOLOCATION – Now you can find members nearby you simply by visiting the site.  RateMyFaceXXX.com now automatically detects your location and shows you other nearby members.



FACE THE FACTS – RateMyFaceXXX.com offers you tons of statistics, facts, figures, charts and graphs about you, your pictures, and videos.  Once you sign up for free you will learn all about who visits your profile and how often.  Find out your site wide ranking and percentiles.  See all the ratings you get daily and where those ratings come from.  Want to know where people in the world think you are hottest?  We breakdown your average rating by region so you can see which country rates you the highest (so you can then move there!)  What’s even better is that all of the statistics are served up in real time!



PERSONALIZED MAPS - Also offered in real time are personalized maps so you can see where your profile was viewed and rated displayed graphically on a map.  You zoom in and see which regions you are receiving high ratings and what part of the world people are coming to your profile most often.  We offer more analysis about you then you can handle!



MORE RATINGS – In addition to rating people and their profiles, you can now rate individual pictures as well as videos.  So you can find out which of your pics are the sexiest and rate the highest.  Videos also have their own ratings so you can upload all your sexy videos and see which ones get the best ratings.


MORE COMMENTS – You can still comment on other member’s profiles, but now you can comment on their pictures and videos individually as well.


STILL 100% FREE! – The best news of all is that these features continue to be totally FREE!  Like RateMyFaceADULT.com, RateMyFaceXXX.com is always 100% FREE!  So you can enjoy all these new features absolutely FREE!  So if you aren’t signed up what are you waiting for?  You can join RateMyFaceXXX.com right now for free!  Already a member?  Login here and check out the all new RateMyFaceXXX.com

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All videos on RateMyFaceXXX.com are now iphone – ipod – ipad friendly!

October 21, 2010 at 7:58 am

If you want your porn on the go then RateMyFaceXXX.com has got you covered. All the videos play on the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad. If you are looking for iphone porn then look no further than RateMyFaceXXX.com



Now you can watch RateMyFaceXXX.com video in school, at work, in your car (try not to do it while driving though), in the bathroom, at the airport, at your mom’s house– anywhere!


We found that almost 18% of RateMyFaceXXX.com visitors are browsing with a mobile device.  With stats like that we decided we needed to offer videos not only in flash for computer browsers but in an iPhone friendly format as well.


To access the iPhone friendly videos you don’t have to do anything.  Just browse RateMyFaceXXX.com with your iPhone and the site will detect you are using a mobile device and automatically play the proper video for you.


Are you browsing RateMyFaceXXX.com on your mobile device right now?  Do you watch porn on your cell phone?  Let us know by commenting below:

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